Languages (KS2)

Modern Foreign Languages at Willoughton:


At Willoughton Primary School, the intention of our MFL curriculum is to inspire a thirst for learning about languages and cultures beyond our own lived experiences.  Through learning a second language, pupils will further develop their listening and speaking skills, as well as improving their understanding of the grammatical structures of their native language. Currently, pupils in KS2 learn French in preparation for transition to the KS3 curriculum.


Our Intent:

  • To foster an interest in learning about other languages and cultures.
  • To embed listening and speaking skills so that children are able to express themselves verbally in another language.
  • For children to recognise key differences and similarities between the grammatical structures of English and French.
  • To provide secure foundations on which pupils can build upon in KS3 and beyond.


How we implement this:

All children in KS2 are taught French in whole-class lessons. In LKS2, lessons will focus primarily on speaking and listening, gradually developing towards more written work in UKS2. Each lesson, children will build upon skills they have already learnt and will have the opportunity to learn new vocabulary and knowledge through a range of engaging activities e.g. playing games and learning songs; listening and watching video clips; asking, answering and following instructions in French and using bilingual dictionaries.

The impact:

Our MFL curriculum will ensure pupils develop the basic, foundational knowledge needed to access French in KS3. We are working to develop our partnerships with local secondary schools to strengthen the content of our curriculum in order to achieve this. The impact of MFL teaching will be evident in pupils’ books, through learning walks and through pupil voice. The MFL subject leader will monitor this throughout the year, alongside the data to ensure children are making good progress and the relevant skills and knowledge is being taught.


For any queries relating to Modern Foreign Languages at Willoughton Primary School, please contact Mrs O’Neill our Subject Leader.