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Sports Premium


Physical education and school sport action plan 2016 

Impact of sports funding


All children have access to quality PE provision through the delivery of PE at Huntcliff school every Friday, the children have had access to the gymnasium and gymnastic equipment, the dance studio and the large play fields.  The class teachers have been able to plan and deliver a much broader PE equipment due to being able to use Huntcliff.  This will continue.


Paul Norris works with staff and pupils every Friday

Paul delivers PE alongside the class teachers, over the two days, as well as supporting any CPD needs of staff.  He also delivers positive play lunchtime and break time games and an after school club.  The children all enjoy the input Paul has with them.


Sports week – In June we held a sports week, where the curriculum was based around Sport, promoting different activities and linking everyday subjects with PE.  The week concluded with Sports day – very much enjoyed by all.


New PE equipment has been bought for both curricular and extra curricular activity.

Sports premium 2015-2016