Pupil Premium


Schools are required to publish details of their Pupil Premium allocation, how they plan to spend the allocation in the current year, how the previous year's allocation was spent and the effect of the expenditure on the attainment of those pupils for whom the funding was allocated.

Pupil Premium Strategy


Academic Year – 2017/18

Willoughton Primary is a small school and, as a result, there are only a small number of children in each cohort.  We do not, therefore, publish any details that might identify individual pupils.


Along with all schools nationally, we receive additional funding for children who are identified as eligible.  This funding, our “pupil premium funding” is used to support these pupils within the school setting to ensure that they are able to reach their full potential.  In 2016/17 we received £9240 of pupil premium funding.


Children in the school learn well but there are times during many children’s development when learning can be more difficult.  Staff and governors of the school have identified some key barriers to learning for some of our pupils including some of those in receipt of pupil premium funding:

  • Social, emotional and behavioural difficulties that, at times, can make learning difficult.
  • Difficulties with being independent in their learning.
  • Limited understanding of the wider world, particularly due to the small size of the school, and local community.
  • Attendance rates for pupil premium children is lower than other pupils


These four aspects are at the heart of our curriculum and provision in school. 


We use the pupil premium funding to support children in these areas:


The school offers nurture and playtime groups in Cedric’s Den.  This is used as a space for children to choose or be invited to use if they need support socially, emotionally or as a mechanism to help with behaviour choices – it’s a ‘safe’ space.  This space is well resourced and widely used by children.  Cedric’s Den is open all day for any child who wishes to make use of this resource as well as for timetabled activities.


The school is developing independent learning areas including learning streets and a school library.  Staff are accessing CPD linked to fostering independence and developing independent learners has become one of the key aspects of our school vision


Children for who we receive Pupil Premium have a key person in school who acts as a first point of contact if they are experiencing social, emotional or behavioural difficulties.  We have also provided specialist outside agencies such as counsellors to provide further support


The school invests in a range of technology that allows all children to access aspects of the curriculum effectively and away from direct teaching.  Children develop their computing skills to ensure that they can be more independent in their learning


Some children receive individual or small group intervention from a highly skilled Special Educational Needs (SEN) Teaching Assistant (TA) or from their own class teacher.


Our curriculum is enriched by visits off site, specialists working with staff in school and advice from external agencies.  Resources are purchased in line with this work.



The school now uses a comprehensive tracking system that informs staff around attainment and progress of each child.  This information is used to adjust the curriculum focus and to plan personalised curriculums when necessary.  All children have an attainment target and progress against this target is our measure of how well children are reaching their full potential.


As a small school, we do not publish pupil outcomes in terms of percentages to avoid individual children being identified.  Children for who we receive pupil premium represent the range of attainment and progress seen across the school.



Academic Year 2018/19

We anticipate a similar level of funding for the next academic year.


Our number one priority remains to improve pupil premium children’s attendance, as we need them in school so that they can learn. 


The funding will also be used to develop the nurture provision in Cedric’s Den, and the purchasing of new resources. 


We want to raise the attainment & progress of all children, including those accessing the pupil premium.  This will be done by ensuring teacher & TA intervention is accessed, where appropriate, teachers access relevant Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and appropriate resources are purchased.


Children will be having a broad range of experiences which this year will include ukulele lessons and Samba drumming tuition. 


Funding will also be used to establish a mentoring system for some of our vulnerable children.